Grateful For My ‘Alone Time’

Even after seven years of marriage, my husband still gets very amused by the fact that I can last literally all day not talking to anyone.  You see, he's my opposite.  He loves talking while I love writing.  (If truth be told, he used to get annoyed with me for “not making more effort to talk to more people” but he sees the advantages of it now :-)).

It's true that I can simply shut myself in my office for nine hours straight (sometimes longer) and only come out for short bathroom breaks.  But to say that I don't talk to anyone all day during these times is strictly not true.  When I have these precious days, I spend at least two hours a day, sometimes more, connecting with people on Twitter and Facebook or on the email.  I relish that time of connection with those who have the same interests as I have – reading and writing.

There are times when I do crave to be with people more than anything, but as an introvert and a writer, I need to have my alone time and lots of it.  It's my time for rejuvenation and reflection but mainly my time for creativity.

It's really only when I started writing my first romance novel, Will To Love, that I've really celebrated my introversion and love of alone time.  Before that I felt guilty when I spend too much time by myself.  I'm glad I'm over that guilt.  I love writing and having time alone gives me the opportunity to express myself through my books.

Today, I'm in country New South Wales, Australia with my husband who is on a work-related trip.  I'm looking out our hotel window and I can see the sun shining and the ocean sparkling.  I'm inspired to stay here in our room to enjoy my thoughts and write amidst this backdrop.

So today, I want to give gratitude for my alone time.  I may think I don't get as much of it as I would like, but I'm thankful for whatever I do get.

What about you?  Do you love your alone time?  How much of it do you get and what do you prefer doing when you have time to yourself?

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    • Lol! Hermit is a word my husband calls me every now and again too. By the way, I love your blog. I’ve bookmarked it. 🙂

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