Lifestyle by Design: The Complete Series Now Available

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The Lifestyle by Design series is now available as one ebook! It includes all three hot, sexy and sweet novels.

You may already have read this series (if so, thank you so much!). But if you haven't as yet, or if you've enjoyed the books and wouldn't mind spreading the word to your friends, this series bundle is the way to go.

Of course, you can still get Will To Love (Book 1 – which is still free on all stores), Heart Robber (Book 2) and Ray of Love (Book 3) as individual books if you prefer getting three separate files on your reading device.

The Lifestyle by Design: The Complete Series is available in the following stores:

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Here is a brief description of each novel:

Book 1: Will to Love (Clarise Carson and Will Matthews)

Clarise Carson is desperate to keep her newly-engaged sister from playing matchmaker at her very own engagement party. She can't think of anything more embarrassing than have her sister's guests see her as the loser in love who can't find The One, so she drags a handsome friend to be her pretend date for the night.

Will Matthews attends his friend's engagement party purely for business reasons. He has no desire whatsoever to be introduced to single females who are after a boyfriend. He is far too focused on building his business to the success he dreams.

When Will and Clarise meet, sparks fly. Can Clarise stop her old wounds from opening up again and take another chance on love? And how can Will learn to embrace the one thing he doesn't even know he wants?

Book 2: Heart Robber (Jessa Allen and Rob Granger)

Jessa Allen knows she's plain and average, even when her well-meaning friends encourage her to believe otherwise. So when hunky and gorgeous Rob Granger asks her out, she is shocked. A seriously handsome man wants her, and that isn't something that happens everyday.

Rob Granger is a self-confessed playboy who has absolutely no plans to be tied down by any woman. He values his freedom first and foremost, and his expanding business is the only thing he is committed to. But he is intent on satisfying his intense desire for Jessa Allen who attracts him like a moth to a flame.

When Jessa agrees to a fling with Rob she finds herself falling for the man who cannot promise her tomorrow. Can she trust herself not to fall apart when the time comes to let Rob go? And can Rob ever find freedom in what he considers a prison to be avoided at all cost?

Book 3: Ray of Love Book (Faye Summers and Ray Thackery)

Faye Summers decides that casual dating is the way to go to ensure she's fully healed from her last breakup. When Ray Thackery, her best friends' boss, asks her out, she agrees–but only if they keep it quiet. She doesn't want the complications that may arise with her best friends' working relationship with Ray if their fling ends up in a sour note.

Ray Thackery has kept his feelings for Faye hidden for so long. Now that she is single again, he is determined not to miss this chance to make her fall for him. He's not interested in a casual-only affair. Not with Faye. He wants more than that with her.

Their relationship, beautiful and passionate when it started, quickly arrives at the crossroads. How can it survive when the two people involved have very different intentions?


Thank you for reading and sharing! I'll be back soon with more news on Book 3 of the Time for Love series.

Miranda xxx


I Have New Book Covers!

I'm very excited to share these with you.

I've recently got new covers made for both the Lifestyle by Design and Secret Dreams series and they're now done. Keri Knutson of did a great job, and I'm thrilled with them.

Here they are!

Will To Love final 200x300 HeartRobber final 200x300 RayofLove final 200x300


SecretWords 200x300 SecretDesigns 200x300 SecretMoves 200x300 SecretTastes 200x300

They're now uploaded to the various stores (although some are slower to update than others).

I'd love to know what you think, so leave me a comment if you feel like it. 🙂

By the way, if you haven't read Will To Love yet, it's still free. Click here to find links to the various stores.

That's all for now. Just wanted to share the new covers. Oh! And to say my new romance novel (Rebecca's love story) is coming along well. Will tell you more about that later.


Miranda xxx


A Quick Update on Secret Words

IMG_1814My husband and I spent last weekend in Leura, a pretty little town in the majestic Blue Mountains, a world heritage listed place west of Sydney.

We stayed at a beautiful resort and the setting was tranquil and inspiring.  Hubby attended a conference while I … worked, of course!  Yes, my little fingers spent hours and hours typing away.

Our last night there was memorable.  We had a wonderful dinner to celebrate a productive and romantic weekend and we enjoyed this special dessert for two.  Check it out!  Doesn't it look amazing?  It definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.


There's nothing like being in a different environment to stimulate that creativity within so last weekend, I finished writing Secret Words, the first book of the Secret Dreams series.  Yay!

I am so looking forward to sharing Kane Summers and Jasmine Allen's love story with you.  If you've read Heart Robber and Ray of Love, you would already have met these two characters.

I originally didn't intend for Secret Words to have such strong ties with the Lifestyle by Design series but because of who Kane and Jasmine are, that was how it developed.  So if you are craving for just a little bit more of our three couples from the Lifestyle books, they have small roles in Secret Words.  But of course, it's about Jasmine and Kane and I'm sure you'll fall in love with these two just as hard.

When will it be out?  Secret Words is slated for publishing in mid-July so I better get back to work and have the book ready to send to my editor so it is released as planned.

Chat again later!

Why I Want To Thank You, Why I Started Writing Romance, Why My Characters Are Real To Me

Hi Everyone!

I thought I'd do a quick post before I knuckle down to finish Secret Words, my next novel and the first in the Secret Dreams Romance series.

It's been slow going with my writing in the last couple of weeks as I had been busy leading up to the free promotion for Heart Robber (Lifestyle by Design Book 2).  Now that that's done, I will be dedicating a huge chunk of my time to Secret Words and I know I wouldn't get to posting on this blog for a while.

First of all, I want to say a massive THANK YOU for your support during the five days free promotion for Heart Robber.  What was supposed to be a two-day only promo became five when I saw what was happening in the first two days.  If you downloaded it, told your friends about it, read it or simply checked it out, I really appreciate it.  Heart Robber stayed in the Top 100 Free Best Seller list in Amazon for the last four days it was free, ranking as high as 49 overall at one point and getting into the Top 3 of two categories.

Many, many thanks also for supporting Will to Love (Lifestyle by Design Book 1) and Ray of Love (Lifestyle by Design Book 3).  These two books got a great boost in sales during Heart Robber's free promo.  It warms my heart and gives me great encouragement to know that a lot of people out there enjoy my work, or at the very least willing to check out a relatively new author like me.

Recently, I had the opportunity to guest post for a couple of sites who were wonderful enough to help me promote my books.  I thought I'd share the links here with you so you could have a read.

In my guest post for, I talked about how I started writing romance.  Click here to see the crazy lead up to my becoming a romance novelist.

For Free Book Dude, I shared how Will and Clarise, Rob and Jessa, Ray and Faye – the lead characters in the Lifestyle by Design series – are like real people to me.  Click here to read what I said exactly.

I hope you have a great day/night.  Whatever you have planned, don't forget to put aside some time to read. 🙂


Heart Robber is FREE April 10 and 11 on Amazon

Hello everyone!

Yes, I'm making the ebook version of Heart Robber (Lifestyle by Design Book 2) free on Amazon on April 10 and 11 (US Pacific Standard Time).

Heart Robber 1600 x 2500With the release of Ray of Love (Lifestyle by Design Book 3) last month, I thought this would be the perfect time to celebrate the completion of the sexy Lifestyle by Design series by making one of the books free on Amazon for a couple of days.

Why Heart Robber?

I was surfing the net, checking out blogs and sites relating to being an author when one question on one of the blogs stood out for me.

Who among my characters could I identify with the most?

While I can see a little bit of myself in all my heroines, I assumed Clarise Carson from Will To Love would be the one that I would identify with the most.  But I did sit down to think about it further and surprisingly enough, it was Jessa Allen from Heart Robber that came the closest.

So, decision made.  Heart Robber will be free.

If you already have your very own copy, thank you :-).  You may want to share with your friends the hot romance between Jessa and Rob so please direct them to this post.

This free promo will only be on April 10 and 11, 2013, US Pacific Standard Time and only for the ebook/kindle edition of Heart Robber (Lifestyle by Design Book 2).

And this is important.  Before you download, please check the kindle price on the Amazon page and make sure it is zero.  Depending on Amazon's system latencies, it may take a few minutes to a few hours for them to start the free pricing for Heart Robber.

Please also note that this free promo only applies to the Amazon site.  When the Amazon website shows it is no longer free, then it's no longer free.

Happy reading!