I Have New Book Covers!

I'm very excited to share these with you.

I've recently got new covers made for both the Lifestyle by Design and Secret Dreams series and they're now done. Keri Knutson of alchemybookcovers.com did a great job, and I'm thrilled with them.

Here they are!

Will To Love final 200x300 HeartRobber final 200x300 RayofLove final 200x300


SecretWords 200x300 SecretDesigns 200x300 SecretMoves 200x300 SecretTastes 200x300

They're now uploaded to the various stores (although some are slower to update than others).

I'd love to know what you think, so leave me a comment if you feel like it. 🙂

By the way, if you haven't read Will To Love yet, it's still free. Click here to find links to the various stores.

That's all for now. Just wanted to share the new covers. Oh! And to say my new romance novel (Rebecca's love story) is coming along well. Will tell you more about that later.


Miranda xxx


Secret Moves Now Also on Apple iTunes and Kobo

Secret Moves 2D 200 x 300 AReFinally, Secret Moves is now also available from Apple iTunes. Yay! It's been a long few days of wait but it's now live there. And yes, it's also now up on Kobo too.

Initial reviews for it have been great. Here are some extracts from some Goodreads reviews:

“Ms .Charles just like with her previous books draws you in, brings the characters to life, writes some great sexy romance scenes and hold you in the web of their story till the end!”

“These books continue to get hotter than the last.”

“Another fun, flirty and steamy romance from Miranda Charles that let me step away for the afternoon!”

Click here to visit the Secret Moves page for links to all the stores where you can get it from.

On a different note, I'm hard at work on Secret Tastes (Secret Dreams Book 4). I'm thoroughly enjoying writing Sam and Adam's love story. It should be published sometime in January 2014. But for now, hope you're enjoying Secret Moves.

Now back to work for me to make that January deadline…



Secret Moves Out Now!

Secret Moves 2D smallYou can get it now! Secret Moves is now available from the following stores:

Amazon.com, Other Amazon Stores, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks

It's still waiting to go live on Apple iTunes and Kobo. It could take a few more hours, even a few more days before it becomes available there. (They generally take longer to approve books for publishing). I'll send you a quick note when it's up on iTunes and Kobo.

I really hope you enjoy Trey and Kris' love story. I've certainly loved writing about them. Let me know what you think, okay?

Book Description:

A hot, sexy and fun novel that will move you.

For Kristen McCann, her best friend's wedding brought out desires she couldn't ignore. No, it wasn't a boyfriend she was after–her needs were too immediate for that. After a year of recovering from a disastrous relationship, all she craved was a good, hot, short fling.

When Trey Andrews learned that the beautiful bridesmaid at his friend's wedding considered him, then scratched him out as a possible one-night stand, he just had to change her mind. As a dyed-in-the-wool bachelor, someone as attractive and fun-intentioned as Kris was perfect for him.

But Kris had a bad habit of falling for playboys, and Trey's past was enough to put him off relationships forever. How could they grab the chance at a liberating future when painful experiences and memories of betrayal stood in their path?


This is a stand-alone novel that would give you enjoyment on its own. However, to enhance your experience of the Secret Dreams Series, the author recommends reading them in order.

Secret Dreams Series

Book 1: Secret Words
Book 2: Secret Designs
Book 3: Secret Moves
Book 4: Secret Tastes

Get your copy from the following stores:

Amazon.comOther Amazon StoresBarnes & NobleSmashwords and All Romance Ebooks

Coming soon on Apple iTunes and Kobo.


Secret Moves and Other Updates

Hi! Hope you're having a wonderful day/night.

Thought I'd send you this very quick update to let you know what's going on:

Secret Words, Secret Designs and Lifestyle by Design Series Now Available Outside of Amazon

Good news! All my books, including Secret Words and Secret Designs are now available from Apple iTunes! They're also purchasable from Barnes and Noble, All Romance Ebooks, Smashwords, and of course, Amazon.

If you've been waiting for these books to be available on the other sites, thank you. Now you can read them on your favourite device. 🙂

Secret Moves (Secret Dreams Book 3) Update

Kris and Trey's love story is almost ready!

It's currently with my editor and, if all goes well, it should be available in early to mid-November. I can't give an exact date because my plan is to release it as soon as it is ready (ie. not hold it back for a specific release date).

Also, as I'm not putting this book on KDP Select (Amazon's program where it must be exclusive with them for a period of time), it will be available immediately on Amazon, Apple iTunes, Barnes and Noble, All Romance Ebooks and Smashwords.

Expect a few days delay with Apple iTunes, though, as Apple's approval process takes longer than the other channels. But the wait shouldn't be too long (hopefully only a handful of days).

Okay, that's all from me for now. I'll share with you Secret Moves' cover and Chapter One soon.

Take care!

Miranda x



Secret Words Out Now!

Hi everyone!

It's here!  Secret Words (Secret Dreams Contemporary Romance 1) is now available at Amazon in both Kindle and print formats.

Secret Words 2D for Kindle v2


Here again is the book synopsis:

Love Touched The Core Of Their Hearts Unexpectedly

But how do they fight those who believe they weren't meant to be?

When Jasmine Allen met Kane Summers in the unlikeliest of places, she wasn't expecting the swift and immediate attraction she felt for him. But Jasmine had a secret she wasn't at all comfortable sharing with anyone, least of all, the hunky guy who was literally sweeping her off her feet.

Kane Summers was a sucker for damsels in distress. When he found himself wanting to protect Jasmine Allen in more ways than one, the instant chemistry they had for each other hit him squarely in the chest. But Kane's life was complicated, and he wasn't totally free to act on the fascination he felt for her.

Kane and Jasmine were fighting a losing battle to stay away from each other. But circumstances – and certain people – beyond their control were very much intent on keeping them apart.

How could they find their way past secrets and malicious intents to nurture a love that, if given the chance, could last a lifetime?

˃˃˃ A sexy entertaining novel that stands on its own.

Just like all of my books, Secret Words is a complete stand-alone novel. It is the first of four beautifully passionate, steamy love stories from the Secret Dreams series.

Warning:  This book is for adults only. It contains hot sexual content.

Click here to get your copy of Secret Words (Secret Dreams Contemporary Romance 1) and immerse yourself in this entertaining, sweet and steamy novel.