New Covers Plus Latest News on AGAIN

I have news for you regarding the Time for Love series.

First, I have new covers for Forever and Finally! I'm so excited about these new covers because I think they're absolutely gorgeous. These are created by the talented Viola Estrella ( and I just love them! She's also making paperback covers for this series and I'll share those with you when they're done.


Now for my next news.

We are nearing that time when the third book of the series, Again, gets released. Can I say again that I'm excited? I loved writing about Amanda and Connor and I really can't wait for you to read about their love story.

Again will be published in early August. It will initially have a special new release price of USD$2.99 for a limited number of days, before it goes up to its regular price of $3.99. I'll give you further details on my next post so you don't miss out on the special new release price. I'll also reveal the cover for Again at that time. (Ooh, can't wait for you to see the cover.)

Okay, I better get back to work to make sure Again gets released without a hitch. (Yes, it's nighttime here in Sydney but I work funny hours 🙂 )

Talk to you again in a few days!

Miranda xxx

9 thoughts on “New Covers Plus Latest News on AGAIN

  1. Hi Miranda. I can’t wait for Again and other books about Greg and Ash. Love your books so much. thanks for writing such a great books. XOXO

    • Thanks so much, Laura! I’m excited for you to read Again! And I’ve already started writing Book 4. xoxo

  2. Oh gosh, I cannot wait until ‘Again’!! 🙂 Thank You So Much for sharing Your progress with us!! Pleasant dreams <3

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