Secret Moves Now Also on Apple iTunes and Kobo

Secret Moves 2D 200 x 300 AReFinally, Secret Moves is now also available from Apple iTunes. Yay! It's been a long few days of wait but it's now live there. And yes, it's also now up on Kobo too.

Initial reviews for it have been great. Here are some extracts from some Goodreads reviews:

“Ms .Charles just like with her previous books draws you in, brings the characters to life, writes some great sexy romance scenes and hold you in the web of their story till the end!”

“These books continue to get hotter than the last.”

“Another fun, flirty and steamy romance from Miranda Charles that let me step away for the afternoon!”

Click here to visit the Secret Moves page for links to all the stores where you can get it from.

On a different note, I'm hard at work on Secret Tastes (Secret Dreams Book 4). I'm thoroughly enjoying writing Sam and Adam's love story. It should be published sometime in January 2014. But for now, hope you're enjoying Secret Moves.

Now back to work for me to make that January deadline…



4 thoughts on “Secret Moves Now Also on Apple iTunes and Kobo

  1. I;m currently reading Will to Love. Really enjoying it; am going to read all your books. Thought you might like to know about mis-spelled words. They are all words which should have “z” instead of “s”. i.e.: finalize, realalize & organize. Your books are not the only ones that I’ve read with same problem. What happened to spell-check? Otherwise; excellent reads. Keep it up!

    • Hi Sani,

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying Will to Love.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment regarding the words with “s” instead of “z”. My books actually use British/Australian spelling and for us, using the “s” instead of “z” in the words you mentioned is the standard. The other books you’ve read with the same issue are probably also set in the UK or Australia. 🙂


    • Hi Alice,

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed my books.

      Secret Tastes is coming out in about a couple of weeks. Not long to go! 🙂

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