Loving The Sweet Things

Photo by MJ Carlos of muchamunch.com

I love food, I love eating out and I loooove dessert.

One of my all-time favourite desserts is Tiramisu.  I can't go past it if it's on offer.

I'm not a very good cook of anything so when I tried making my first Tiramisu from a recipe I found in an Italian cookbook, I was very pleased that it turned out great.  But the second time I made it, it wasn't as good as the first time even though I tried to follow the recipe to a “T”.

I think that's why I made Clarise Carson, the main character of my free romance novel Will To Love, an expert in making Tiramisu. 😀

One day, I found this recipe of the most beautiful Tiramisu Cake I've seen.   It was from a website called muchamunch.com.  Boy, if I could make my Tiramisu look like this, I'd be a very happy gal.  It really looks enticing, doesn't it?

Photo by MJ Carlos of muchamunch.com

Here's the link to the full recipe if you'd like to give it a try.

Much A Munch's Tiramisu Cake

So guess what?  This is the Tiramisu that Clarise had perfected.  This is the recipe she followed when she made her Tiramisu for her family and for Will's family.  No wonder it was such a hit!

The first time Clarise made her famous Tiramisu for Will's parents, he almost didn't notice it.  To his defence, he did have a good reason to be distracted.  Here's a short extract from the novel:


Clarise paced her living room as she waited for Will to pick her up.  She was meeting his parents tonight and she was nervous.  She hoped they'd like the tiramisu she made for dessert.  It was a dish she had perfected and the only one she felt confident enough to bring to dinner.

She heard the buzzer and told Will she'd meet him downstairs.  She prayed she wouldn't bump into anyone on her way out.  She was wearing a short-sleeved dress that zipped all the way down the front and exposed a great deal of her cleavage.  It was all for Will's benefit, of course.

Will gawked at her as she exited the building.

“Hi, honey,” she said and kissed his lips.  From their close proximity, she knew he had the best view of her breasts covered by a pink, lacy bra.

“Baby …” Will said hoarsely.  His breathing had quickened.  “Baby …” he said again, swallowing hard and still looking down her chest.


“I think my parents will have the shock of their lives when they see you in that dress,” he croaked.  He lifted his hand and slowly ran a knuckle over the exposed swell of her breast.

Her breath hitched and her skin tingled where he touched her.

A car drove past, breaking the spell.  They were out on the street!  Fortunately, no one was around apart from some passing cars.

“Oh, this is just for you.  Now that I've greeted you, I can make myself look more modest,” she explained as she tugged the zipper up to cover herself.  “Did you like that?” she couldn't help whispering to him sensuously.

Will's eyes darkened and a seductive smile touched his lips.  “So you mean this zipper can go all the way up and … all the way down?” he asked lasciviously.

“Yes, all the way down,” she whispered.

He licked his lips.  “I'm sure my parents won't mind if we get there an hour late.”

She chuckled even as she felt herself go wet.  Oh, she was tempted to take him up on that offer, but she'd prefer delayed gratification.  She didn't want Will's parents to have a bad first impression of her if they turned up late.

“No, I think we have to go there now, honey.  And my arm is getting tired from carrying this tiramisu.”

It was only then that Will noticed the dish she was holding up with one arm.  He seemed to have gotten too distracted by the sight of her breasts.

“Sorry, my sweet,” he said as he took the dish from her.  Then he bent down to capture her mouth.

“Let's go,” he said after a passionate but all too brief kiss that left her wanting more.


Enjoy the sweet things in your life!

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My Melting Moment

Greeting Card by Blue Mountain Arts, Published and Distributed by For Arts Sake

My husband and I recently celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.  This day coincided with a 4-day work trip he had to go to so I tagged along with him.

We got to our hotel and started unpacking.  All of a sudden, hubby went, “Oh, no!  Damn!”

“What's wrong, baby?” I asked, startled.

“Oh, no!” he continued his lament.


“I forgot your anniversary card at home!”

Oh, no. 

Now, I must tell you how important greeting cards are to us.  We prefer not to buy each other presents during our anniversaries and birthdays.  We make those occasions special by going out to dinner at a really nice restaurant and, you guessed it, give each other greeting cards with mushy, sentimental writing that we read out to each other.

I was, of course, disappointed that he forgot.  I fought the urge to pout and say “how could you?” and settled instead for “oh, that's okay.  Just give it to me when we get home.”

“I had it all ready!  I've written on it.  I left it on my desk.  I just forgot to pack it,” he said with repentant eyes.  After several, pretty obvious reminders to him that our anniversary was coming up, he was certain I wouldn't be happy that he still managed to forget a very important part of it.

I knew he had bought the card already so I wasn't that hurt he forgot to bring it.  After all, he had been very busy with work leading up to that trip.

“It's okay.  Don't worry about it,” I appeased him.

On the actual day of our anniversary, we did have a very special dinner and when we got back to our hotel, I gave him his card and he read it out loud while we cuddled.

“Thank you.  It's a very nice card,” he said, sounding morose again.  “I left your card at home,” he added with a pout, still feeling guilty about it.

I showed him I was okay with it.

Fast forward to one week after we got back home from that trip.

Hubby came home and said, “I have something for you.”  He pulled something out of his bag and handed me a greeting card.  “It's to make up for our anniversary.”

“But you already gave me an anniversary card.”

“Yeah, but it wasn't a very good card.  It wasn't as nice as the one you gave me.”

Oh, yes.  My husband can be quite competitive.  He always wants to give me something better than I've given him.

I took the card out of the envelope and it started with “Because I love you”.

Oh, my competitive and very, very sweet hubby.  After seven years of marriage, he still makes me melt.

It really is the little things that keep a relationship fresh and happy.


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