Always (Time for Love Book 4)

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For Brenna Ward, fulfilling the New Year's resolution she made with her best friends to make time for love this year is proving difficult. The problem isn’t finding a date, it’s the falling in love bit… until she discovers that her best friend's brother has feelings for her.

Ash Payne has tried for years to make Brenna notice him—to no avail. Now that Brenna’s dating another new guy, he’s finally forced himself to accept that she’ll never feel the same way about him. So he takes steps to ensure that he moves on from her—for real, this time.

When Brenna sneaks her way into Ash's every day life, the chance to explore what they could have together presents itself. But with complications from a past relationship muddying the waters, can Brenna convince Ash that her intentions go beyond merely feeling sorry for him? And, after years of unrequited love, can Ash allow himself to hope again?


Each book in the Time for Love series is a strong stand-alone novel that would give you enjoyment on its own. To fully enjoy the series, however, the author recommends reading them in order.

Book 1: Forever (Rebecca Andrews and Zach Carmichael) 
Book 2: Finally (Sarah Daley and Jeff Carmichael)
Book 3: Again (Amanda Payne and Connor Reid)
Book 4: Always (Brenna Ward and Ash Payne)
Book 5: At Last (Gemma Aldwyn and Greg Carmichael)

(These books are for adults only. They contain hot sexual content.)

Get the ebook now from:  Amazon US | Other Amazon Stores | Apple iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Google Play | Smashwords

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