The Unintended Fiance (Captured by Love Book 4)

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TheUnintendedFiance-200x300The Unintended Fiancé Book Description

He arranges a fake engagement to win against his business rival.

Bradley Mead has one overriding goal: to succeed over his fiercest business enemy. To boost his chances of winning a lucrative contract over his competitor, he must first assure his potential client that he is not after the client’s new wife—a woman he used to date and who still loves to flirt with him. To aid his cause, he asks Erin Baker, his sister’s beautiful best friend, to be his pretend fianceé. But Erin soon becomes a pawn for his archrival’s underhanded tactics… and he finds himself torn between winning in business and following the dictates of his heart.

She doesn’t expect to fall for her fake fiancé.

Erin Baker believes she is now immune from Bradley Mead’s charms. After all, her secret crush for him when she was still a teenager is long gone. When an ex-boyfriend becomes a new work colleague and starts annoying her, accepting Brad’s proposition to be his fake fianceé for a short time seems like a great idea… until she discovers that she’s been lying to herself about her feelings for him. Can she ever win the heart of the man who has never loved her back, and shows no intention of ever doing so?


The Unintended Fiancé can be read as a stand-alone or as Book 4 of the Captured by Love series. The author recommends reading the books in order to fully enjoy the series.

Book 1: The Unwilling Executive (Lucas Renner and Jade Tully)
Book 2: The Unyielding Bachelor (Rick Donnelly and Lexie Mead)
Book 3: The Undercover Playboy (Carter Garrett and Cassie Stephens)
Book 4: The Unintended Fiancé (Bradley Mead and Erin Baker)
Book 5: The Unforgettable Ex (Gavin Redford and Natasha Garrett)
Book 6: The Unknown Billionaire (Jarryd Westbourne and Marilyn Grant)
Book 7: The Unmasked CEO (Simon Alexander and Geri Blaine)
Book 8: The Unexpected Husband (Tristan Grant and Paige Shipton)

Other books in the series coming soon!

These books are for adults only. They contain hot sex scenes.

Get the ebook now from: Amazon US | Other Amazon Stores | Apple iBooks | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Smashwords

Order the paperback from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |  Book Depository


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  4. Hi Miranda

    Thanks to you being at Chelsea’s Love Your Author Party, I found you! betcha didn’t even know you were lost, did you? 😉

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    • Hey, Cherri-Anne! So glad you found me at Chelsea’s Love Your Author Party! 🙂

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