Captured by Love Series

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10 thoughts on “Captured by Love Series

  1. I decided to give iBooks a chance after getting the iPhone and by chance came across your first book in the ‘captured by love’ series. You are an amazing writer as the series was engaging, well written and highly addicting. I finished all the stories within days and cannot wait for the next book release.

    • Thanks so much, Helen! Glad you enjoyed the first 5 books for the Captured by Love series. I’m currently working on book 6. No set release date yet, but I’m hoping to publish it as soon as possible. 🙂


      • I have read every single series that you have published. They’re all so amazingly addicting! Any chance book 6 in the Captured by Love series will be released soon? xx

        • Oh, thank you so much, Helen! It makes my day knowing you’ve enjoyed every one of my series!

          I’m hoping that The Unknown Billionaire will be available for release by the end of June. Keeping my fingers crossed that I do manage to finish it within that time frame 🙂


  2. I got the first in the Captured by Love series free, and quite frankly, that is how I usually get all my books. However, I have fallen more in love with this series and have now read them all. Each book has a wonderful twist with a unique situation. I even enjoy the game the characters have. I find myself playing along and trying to figure out which character will fall in love next. I do hope you get the opportunity to get your series on audio. I always buy my most favorite in audio so I can listen over and over. This is one series I want to own!

    • Hi Krystine! Thank you so much. I’m so glad you’ve fallen in love with this series. Audio is something that I’ve been considering. I do hope to release my books in that format one of these days 🙂


  3. hi Miranda, I just started to read the series finished book1 and now I am on half of book2. I need to say that the stories are so far addictive. I love reading especially series… I am so happy to this… @Cameronr871

  4. The first book was a freebie and I was hooked on the series. Sashayed – this is a word that I expect to hear in the U. S. southern states or my native Texas, but not Australia (my bad for naive assumptions). I loved seeing it used perfectly in your stories. I am currently on Book 5 and enjoying this story as much as all of the previous ones. I am looking forward to finishing this series and starting on another.

    • Thanks so much, Terrie! So glad you’re enjoying the Captured by Love series and my use of the word “sashayed”! 🙂


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